Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Obama embraces Green Path

Obama stuck with Bush's man at the Pentagon and has surrounded himself with many hawkish Democrats, so it's not surprising that progressives are wondering if he fooled them into thinking he was on their side. My sense is that Obama does lean slightly left of center, but does it matter? I think he'll be hard to define and that's what scares both sides. It does seem however that the capitalists are pretty comfortable with him.

I must say though, after eight years of attacks on environmental regulation and global warming denial, isn't it a breath of fresh air to read about Obama's plans to create green collar jobs and launch environmentally friendly projects?


thegil said...

"I think he'll be hard to define and that's what scares both sides."
I think that this is absolutely true. But why does everyone so desperately want to define his policy/governing style?

It is very easy to disenfranchise a population by aligning yourself completely with the ideology of left or right. I think he realizes this and has said over and over again that he wants to "reach across the aisle" to solve problems. Whether it is just rhetoric or not..who knows?
It cannot be worse.

Mr. Stein,
You ever think about running for office? I'll be your campaign manager.

Mr. Stein said...

The Gil,
Sounds good. But aren't I a little too radical for your tastes?

thegil said...

We'll put you in a nice suit..
You shake a few hands, kiss a few babies. There's nothing to it.

I'm thinking City Council/ Alderman. People don't start hiring P.I.s to look into your background until you run for mayor or congress. I don't think you have that many secrets anyway.

Mr. Stein said...

ha, ha. I think it may depend who talk to.