Thursday, November 20, 2008

How is Obama's AG pick linked to death squads?

Man, the Obama bubble has been bursting and bursting. Sad. The center and right are happy that he's bringing up the same old names while the left is broken hearted. Now news comes out that Obama's pick for Attorney General, Eric Holder, represented Chiquita Brands, which recently settled with the US government for paying right wing terrorists and death squads in Columbia, among other human rights violations. Sad, sad, sad.


José Manuel said...

Well... although theoretically it sounds ideal to bring in people from outside Washington to fill in his cabinet, it is not that simple. We saw it here in Mexico, when after 70 years of the same party in power, Vicente Fox came to office and did exactly what most of the left thinks Obama should do: bring in the "right" uncorrupted people from outside the system to do what's right for the country. They even hired a prominent headhunter firm to pick people for cabinet positions based solely on their academic skills. The thing is, it was extremely difficult for Fox and his team to carry out any specific reforms while in office, simply because both --the president and his cabinet-- were new at presidencial politics. You need a combination of people who have the technical knowledge of course, but they must also know how Washington operates and be politically savy to make any significant changes.

Mr. Stein said...

I hope you're right Jose. The hope is that even though he has maybe some shady people surrounding him, he'll still make the right decisions. That would be good.