Thursday, November 13, 2008

Supreme Court, Navy go sonar on whales

The U.S. Navy is hunting for submarines with sonar in the seas off of southern California. The threat - the United States is under attack from new Al Qaeda submarines powered by nothing but hate for America and our way of life.

As in all wars, the US military does what it can to minimize "collateral damage", but in this case the threat is too imminent. So the Supreme Court has sided with the navy despite the fact that sonar has been linked to mass strandings and hemorrhaging of innocent marine animals, whales and dolphins.

I wish the animals could fight back.


Jasonred79 said...

Al Queda has submarines? Since when? ... and begs the question, are these American submarines, sold to them by the CIA, with tracking devices implanted?
I mean, I assume that Al Queda BOUGHT the submarines... I don't think these guys living in the dessert have enough in the way of submersible technology or industry to build one themselves...

Mr. Stein said...

This was sarcasm. Al Qaeda actually doesn't have submarines, although that would be a funny sight. No, I was just trying to demonstrate how silly it is to mess with marine life when there is really no threat at all.